First Industrial Co .,Ltd offers a wide range of services including product design, plastic injection molding , CNC machining , laser cutting, sheet metal bending, and lay-up mold making. Our skills and technology help clients solve any issue. 

We are one of the grey beards of Chinese manufacturing.  Metal and plastic are our core competencies along with a more recent focus on carbon fiber and sheet metal products.  We are not only good at providing customers with high quality products at competitive prices but we also offer any consultation that may be needed regarding choosing the correct production technique. 


We also provide our customers with complete sourcing capability.  We can easily handle large volume orders including intermediate aggregation and warehousing.  Small volume orders and prototypes are also accepted, as we have no minimum order requirement.

We primarily serve markets in the US, Europe, and New Zealand where we enjoy long standing relationships based on service and quality.

Quality is our culture.  Our goal is to make innovative products with the highest quality, at a competitive price, with prompt delivery.  If you are interested in our company, we welcome you to visit our factory and learn more about our business.


          Mold workshop

        Equipment list:

       CNC Machine           4 Sets

     Milling Machine        7 Sets

    EDM Machine           5 Sets

   Wire-EDM                2 Sets

   Lathe                      1 Set

   Grinding machine      2 set

Machining  workshop      
 Equipment list: 3-Axis CNC Machine3 Sets 1542335513125.png

4-Axis CNC Machine   15 Sets   

5-Axis CNC Machine   2 Sets

3.jpgInjection molding workshop
Equipment list:
450Ton    2 Sets
300Ton    2 Sets
250Ton    3 Sets
220Ton    6 Sets
180Ton    5 Sets
120Ton    3 Sets108Ton    2 Sets

sheet-metal workshop  
Equipment list:
Laser cutting machine           2 Sets 
CNC punching machine         2 SetsCNC Bending Machine           7 Setswelding machine                   2 SetsAutomatic tapping machine     2Sets

 image.pngMeasuring equipment
Coordinate measuring machine   1 Set
Optical comparator   1 Set
Height gage   1 Set